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Introducing Daniel Smith

In honour of our latest line of Daniel Smith products, we thought we would properly introduce you all to this exciting & popular brand all the way from the US. 

Like a classic tale of the American Dream, Daniel Smith Inc. was founded way back when in 1976 by Dan Smith (spoiler alert!) after he decided he was going to learn how to make inks.  Selling his motorcycle, he used the funds to start up as an art material producer & retailer. 

As you can imagine, a lot has happened between 1976 & now, but today, we’ll be focusing on their Extra-Fine watercolours & why they’re so beloved amongst watercolourists across the world.


dsmith_extra_fine_watercolourExtra-Fine Watercolours

Introduced in 1993 & defined as “classic watercolour of unsurpassed purity and permanence”, the Extra-Fine watercolour range started with a conservative palette of just 15 colours, before expanding into the impressive 117 colour variety available today. 

Formulated to meet & exceed the highest industry standards, each batch is individually analysed for several performance qualities including lightfastness, colour value, tinting strength, clarity, vibrancy, undertone, density, viscosity & even particle size. 

Their vision to produce a truly unique selection of high performing colours, this palette was expanded soon after with the addition of the PrimaTek & Luminescent variants.


dsmaith_primatek_watercolourPrimaTek Watercolours

Beginning with a cache of Lapis Lazuli & featuring notable examples such as Jadeite Genuine or Amethyst Genuine, the PrimaTek line of paints are made using genuine minerals (some semi-precious), sourced by a professional mineralogist. 

Processed into pigment & milled into watercolours, they express themselves through gorgeous granulation, with their unique sense of depth & movement described by some artists as “magical”.


dsmaith_luminescent_watercolourLuminescent Watercolours

The Luminescent range is comprised of specialty colours with optical effects found in nature that standard colours can’t replicate effectively. 

Recreating the iridescent sheen, sparkle & colour shift often seen in the natural world, this wider variety of colours is perfect for insects, fish, flowers, metal, water & even bird feathers.


Have you tried this amazing range of materials yet?
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