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Flat Out Essential: Choosing & Using Large Area Brush Sets

Throughout their creative career, an artist will experiment with a variety of scales & complexities, developing or learning techniques for later application.

Developed by Royal & Langnickel, Large Area Brush Sets are ideal cost-effective timesavers when working on excessively sized canvases, murals or DIY projects that typically require widespread coverage.

What Are Large Area Brush Sets?

Available in both Flat & Slanted options, Large Area Brush Sets include three broad brushes of assorted scale. Featuring flexible, hard-wearing synthetic Taklon bristles in Gold, White & Brown varieties, each Large Area Brush Set is ideally suited to working in thicker mediums such as oil or acrylic colour.

Features & Advantages

1. Coverage: With their wide, flat bristles, Large Area Brush Sets are ideal for backgrounds, murals & largescale artwork, offering excellent coverage & uniform application for colour, medium or finish.

2. Versatility: Thanks to their synthetic bristles, Large Area Brush Sets are incredibly versatile, suitable for use with watercolour, oil & acrylic colour on a variety of surfaces including canvas, paper, walls, wood & more.

3. Efficiency: Largescale projects can be exhausting, requiring more physical work. Large Area Brush Sets not only cover broad swathes of surface, but their bristles can absorb & hold a large amount of paint, requiring reloading much less frequently.

4. Evenly Applied: Flexible, hard-wearing & able to maintain their shape even through intense usage, Large Area Brush Sets provide a smooth, even finish without streaks or patches for an aesthetically pleasing, professional finish to your work.

Choosing the Right Set

Each Large Area Brush Set includes three brushes in different widths, providing a broad range ideal for a variety of projects.

With Gold, White & Brown bristles available in both Flat & Slanted varieties, it’s best to take a moment & consider which set suits your needs best regarding size, shape & application.

Tips for Using Large Area Brushes

• As hard-wearing as they are, be sure to clean & maintain your brushes when possible, ensuring they last longer & work as expected.

• Be sure to experiment & try out different techniques to get the full extent of their potential.

• Practice holding your brush in different positions & angles, applying pressure for several unique effects.

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