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Scott W. Mason: Fashion Illustration Using Winsor &#038; Newton Markers

We’re delighted this week to introduce you to Scott W. Mason, fashion illustrator extraordinaire, who will be demonstrating how to create material textures with ease using Winsor & Newton ProMarkers…

“As a Fashion Illustrator sketching whilst watching a runway show, speed is essential. Nothing is more handy than using Winsor & Newton ProMarkers and BrushMarkers. With a huge variety of colours premixed, you just need to select the exact shade you want and start sketching. These dual ended pens are great. I use the smaller nib for details and finishing touches, whilst using the BrushMarker wide nib for varying line widths and the chiselled ProMarker nib for colouring large areas extremely quickly. They are great for sketching fashion. The blending of these markers allows them to be mixed to create new colours; dual coloured fabrics and the quick drying allows for varying shades and depth using only one marker. The effects you can create with them after some practise are perfect for any budding Fashion Illustrators.”


Scott William Mason Fur

Colours used:

  • Cool Grey 3
  • Champagne
  • Warm Grey 4
  • Saddle Brown

“Fur is always a fun texture to draw, as long as it’s faux of course! I started with a base of Cool Grey 3 so you can work up from that. A tip to remember when colouring fur is to use the chiselled end of the marker and only press lightly onto the paper to get this broken sharp effect on your streaks that will act like the individual hairs. After a base I put down the colour of the fur, in this case Champagne, then worked on it with further shadows (Warm Grey 4) and highlights (Saddle Brown). Use the highlights sparingly so they have more effect and don’t make the texture look flat. To add a finishing touch, coloured pencils are great to layer on top of a marker base to give that last bit of texture needed to showcase fur.”


Scott William Mason Leather

Colours used:

  • Leather:
  • Warm Grey 4
  • Cool Grey 3
  • Pear Green
  • Lush Green
  • Forest Green

“With the leather texture I started with a Cool Grey 3, plotting down where the shadows would be then used Pear Green as the base colour for the leather. Once this is layered on the grey it helps create some depth. Leather has a lot of highlights and shadows so it’s good to use a varying range of tones to capture each aspect.  To do this, I used Pear Green and Forest Green to act as highlight and shadows then finally added in some Warm Grey 4 at the end to give a little more depth and contrast to the shadows. I you want the real earthy textured leather look you can either use some pencil on top or use a white gel pen to add a few specks of texture and highlight just to finish it off.”


Colours used:

  • Poppy
  • Ruby

“PVC is a great texture to sketch. I used Poppy to outline the shapes of the texture. Remember, PVC is incredibly shiny so to make it look 3D and have depth you need to showcase those shadows and add shape. Study where the light bounces. I fill the outlines and then go over the entire piece with Ruby, as putting another colour on top of Poppy will darken it, giving the fabric more depth. Make sure you’re careful with the bleed of your markers and don’t get rid of all your white highlights. For the finishing touch, use a white gel pen to go over at add in key highlights – it really lifts the piece.”

Scott William Mason 4

Try our fantastic range of Winsor & Newton ProMarkers and BrushMarkers for yourself. ProMarkers are available in 148 individual colours, as well as in colour collections of various sizes. BrushMarkers are available in 72 colours as well as a  number of great collections. If you’re just getting started, we recommend the brand new Arts & Illustration Wallet of 24, which offers the most vibrant variety and is excellent value for money.

To find out more about Scott, head on over to his website and Instagram page. 

You can discover more about the marvellous markers we sell in this blog about ProMarker Brushmarker FAQs!

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