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Pebeo 10 x 10cm Canvas Board (Pack of 3)


  • Inexpensive alternative to stretched canvas
  • Rigid cardboard base
  • Excellent adhesion of colour
  • Acid-free
  • Ideal for a variety of media
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More Information

An inexpensive alternative to stretched canvas, Pebeo Canvas Board features cotton canvas affixed to a rigid cardboard base. This canvas board offers excellent adhesion of colour and is acid free for increased durability. Ideal for a variety of media, including Gouache, Oil Paint and Acrylic Colour.

What Is Canvas?

Traditionally manufactured from hemp, for its tough fibres, Canvas is now primarily produced from either linen or cotton. Linen Canvas is a premium alternative to Cotton Canvas, and has finer strands, producing a highly intricate weave, with a regular pattern. Cotton Duck Canvas is most commonly used for painting with oil colour.

What Is Canvas Board?

Made by stretching, and then affixing, cotton or linen canvas over a rigid base of card or wood, Canvas Board offers a firm support for artistic creations.

Reviews (4)

About a third of the canvasboards were glued inaccurately meaning I had to slice open the edges and re-glue them. The edges need to be accurate as they are all being used in one artwork, touching edge to edge. Some had dirty marks on them also, meaning I had to paint a layer of gesso on all of them.
A very economical pack of 3 small canvas boards. Just what I wanted
just fine for the price