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Winsor & Newton Lea Radial Studio Easel


  • Single mast design
  • Made from seasoned beechwood
  • Tilting facility to achieve your perfect position
  • Maximum canvas height: 182 cm
  • Whole easel height is 240cm (95")
  • Weight: 6.7 kg

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More Information

A single mast design, the Winsor & Newton Thames Radial Easel (now the Lea Easel) can be tilted to achieve the perfect working position. Constructed from seasoned beechwood, this easel provides a robust and rigid frame, making it ideal for working on larger pieces of art.

Why use an Easel?

Many artists prefer to use an easel because it enables them to work more freely, and to step back and view artwork from a distance. Working in a vertical position reduces the possibility of perspective being skewed, prevents dust gathering on slow-drying media, and the build up of loose pastel, chalk or charcoal sitting on the support.

How Do I use An Easel?

The following videos give further information on using an easel:

Starting To Draw: Using An Easel

What types of Easel are available?

We stock a variety of easels to ensure the artist’s every requirement is met.

Field or Portable Easels are designed to be taken outdoors, and are the perfect choice for travelling artists or those wanting to plein air paint. This type of easel is also preferable for artists who prefer a level of mobility around their studio. Folding to a lightweight, compact size, portable easels require little storage space.

Available in H-Frame, A-Frame and Single Mast designs, Studio Easels  are ideal for the artist who has a dedicated studio space, where an easel can remain standing indefinitely.

H-Frame easels have a strong base that makes them sturdier than A-Frame easels, and better able to handle large canvases.

A-Frame or Lyre easels have two legs at the front and one at the rear, which pushes forward allowing the easel to be flattened and easily stored.

Single Mast easels are simple and affordable, a great choice for beginning artists, art students, or anyone with limited storage space.

Portable and easy to store, Table Easels are small enough to place on a table top, and perfect for artists who prefer to sit while working, or whose work is on a more modest scale.

Reviews (8)

Well made sturdy easel at a very good price
Perfect for my needs
great easel. a bit flimsy sometimes but only if you're obsessive lol.
Well made, a very versatile easel , I have used one before so aware of making sure to tighten the tripod legs with the one nut.
This is a lovely easel. Excellent quality and so comfortable to use. There were no instructions for assembly but it’s straightforward and I found a you tube video from the company that demonstrated how to do it. The only thing that I’m unsure of is the metal T.key? Not sure what it’s for???
No instructions with this so although it is relatively straight forward there is a tool that came with it that I haven't a clue how to use.Nice easel otherwise.
Fantastic buy, Stable, great quality, sturdy