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Staedtler Tradition Pencils

  • Available in 10 shading degrees - H, 2H, 3H, 6H, HB, B, 2B, 3B, 4B & 6B
  • Break-resistant lead
  • Easy to erase
  • Suitable for drawing, sketching and writing
  • Ideal for students
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More Information

Video: Release Your Creativity With Staedtler

High quality and suitable for drawing, sketching and writing, the Staedtler Tradition Graphite Pencil is made from sustainably managed wood. Available in a range of 10 shading degrees, the specially formulated lead has strengthened bonds, making it incredibly resistant to breakage.

What is a Graphite Pencil?

A non-toxic form of carbon, graphite is not in fact lead; the misnomer arose when it was first discovered, and mistaken for lead. Equally suitable for drawing or writing, Graphite Pencils produce durable markings, resistant to moisture, ultraviolet radiation, and natural aging, which can be easily removed with an Eraser.

What do the grade letters mean?

Staedtler Tradition pencils are graded according to the HB scale, where “H” indicates the hardness of the lead, and “B” represents the blackness of the mark it will make. Pencils are also designated a number, to show the level of these grades. For example, a 4B pencil produces a darker mark than a 2B pencil, and the lead of a 3H pencil is harder than that of an H pencil. Graphite pencils may also be graded with the letter “F”, signifying that the lead may be sharpened to a fine point.

There is no industry standard for implementing the HB scale, meaning that a 2B pencil from one brand will not necessarily leave the same mark as a 2B pencil from another brand.

This video illustrates the differences between standard graphite pencil grades:

Graphite Pencils Explained

Why use a Staedtler Tradition Graphite Pencil?

Using the finest materials and trusted, proven manufacturing processes, Staedtler maintain the quality of Tradition Graphite Pencils, producing leads with a consistent tonal range and resistance to breakage.

This video shows How Staedtler Manufacture Pencils.

Who are Staedtler?

A descendant of Friedrich Staedtler, the first craftsman to make pencils from start to finish, and who is referenced as far back as 1662, J.S. Staedtler founded the Staedtler Company in 1835. A German manufacturer and supplier of writing, artist, and engineering drawing instruments, Staedtler has its headquarters in Nuremberg, where 85% of its production continues to be undertaken.

Reviews (9)

Very good pencil
I cannot give a full review on their use as i bought these for my brother to use
very good, as described
These are always good. My favourite pencils.
Just what I wanted
This is an excellent pencil, the type I have used for years now. Would highly recommend them.
Good quality