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Conté à Paris Carres Sticks Sketching Pocket Box (4pc)


  • 4 colours - Black, White, Sanguine & Bistre
  • Square in shape
  • Very soft
  • Made using natural pigments
  • Fantastic for producing angular and flat shapes

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Video: Conté à Paris Colouring & Sketching Pastels

Conté Carres Colour crayons are fantastic for producing accurate and energetic strokes when the angular edges of the sticks are used, as well as wide flat areas. These crayons are very soft and are manufactured using natural pigments (iron oxides, carbon black, and titanium dioxide), clay (kaolin) and a binder (cellulose ether). They are then baked after being extruded and dried. The degree of baking varies the grade of the black and white crayons.

They are softer in texture than a pencil making them excellent for sketching and layout work together with monochrome and polychrome design work. They may also be used in conjunction with paper stumps and putty rubbers. This set contains four colours.

Use the flat edge of the pastel by varying the pressure - the greater the pressure on the pastel, the denser will be the colour you'll obtain. Holding the carre upright or slightly slanted, you can draw using the 8 angles at the end of the pastel, allowing you to sketch and structure your drawing. Supports all types of grained papers (mainly semi-coloured papers), canvases and many other surfaces with varying results.

Reviews (6)

good quality, affordable chalk pastels
very good
Handy protective box with the four basic colours for drawings using a limited palette.
I've not used them yet, but they are so small. I think I was expecting them to be the size of other pastels.
superb quality
Smaller than I expected but I didn't check the size when ordering. Ideal to use when on the move. Haven't used yet but look fine.