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Schmincke ONETZ Oxgall Wetting Agent Half Pan


  • Watercolour wetting agent
  • Improves flow on difficult surfaces
  • Enhances wet-to-wet techniques
  • Boosts the appearance of watercolours on paper
  • Made from entirely natural ingredients

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More Information

Schmincke Oxgall is a wetting agent for watercolours and gouache colours. It improves flow on surfaces which are difficult to wet and can be used from very hard sized papers to ease surface tension. An important criterion for the highest quality is being able to control the application of watercolours without the appearance of undissolved pigments and undesired cloud formations.

The perfect flow of Horadam Aquarell watercolour is guaranteed by the optimal amount of oxgall that you use. It’s the decision of the artist - not of the colour – whether or not the application should flow in moist or if the colour should stay dry on the paper.

Oxgall improves flow and enhances wet-into-wet techniques when mixed with watercolours. It also improves the acceptance of watercolour paints on paper, particularly hard-sized papers. 

It is made from entirely natural ingredients. When handling, shake well before use and dilute the Oxgall with a little water on a palette. Use sparingly as a little goes a long way! It’s easily cleaned with water and soap and is best stored in a cool, dry place.

Reviews (5)

The main thing is that it WORKS! This form l find much better than the liquid form.
Was expecting a packet but turned out to be the same amount as a half pan of watercolour size. So wont last very long in my case.
So much more convenient in a pan than a bottle. Increases the flow of my watercolour paints nicely. Only a tiny bit necessary.
amazing and small piece of oxgall. Still can be used for a long time.