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GOLDEN Fluid Matte Medium (237ml)


  • Acrylic painting medium
  • Liquid and pourable
  • Extends your colours
  • Increases transparency and decreases gloss
  • Made in the USA

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More Information

Video: Golden Artist Colours - Painting With Fluid Acrylic Mediums

Golden Fluid Matte Medium is a liquid, pourable acrylic medium useful for extending colours, increasing translucency and decreasing gloss. It is also useful as a translucent ground. To lower the sheen of a paint colour or another medium, begin by adding Fluid Matte Medium in increments of about 10% of the total volume. It is helpful to brush out each mixture, and let dry on a piece of paper to note the difference in sheen. With some experimenting, it will become easier to know how much of the matte medium is required to achieve the desired gloss.

Fluid Matte Medium can be used as a translucent ground, sometimes referred to as a "clear" gesso. It is thin enough to penetrate canvas and other porous substrates easily, and the matting solids provide an adequate "tooth" for additional paint layers. In thin applications it can appear quite translucent, while darkening the canvas to a small degree. The darkening effect, similar to a "wet look”, is somewhat more pronounced with Fluid Matte Medium.

Apply Fluid Matte Medium in much the same manner as recommended for the application of a gesso layer. Apply one or more coats, keeping in mind that additional layers will gradually make a more opaque overall film.

Please note: Applying a matte product over an absorbent surface may cause a "frosted" appearance. As the acrylic medium penetrates, the matting solids are left behind on the surface. Over highly absorbent dark passages, such as on top of canvas coated with Golden Black Gesso, severe whitening may occur. This can be corrected by applying a coat of Golden GAC 100 or Gloss Medium over the frosted area, which will once again encapsulate the matting solids, returning the transparent look. The frosting can be avoided by applying a coat of GAC 100 or Gloss Medium before a matte medium is applied. Liquid and low viscosity Matte Mediums should be gently stirred or shaken before use, as settling of matting solids can occur.

About Golden Mediums

Golden offer the widest range of mediums for acrylic painting. Their range includes gels, additives and effect pastes, which allows you to choose whatever qualities you desire for your acrylic painting: luminous glazes, gritty opaque structures, string effects, glassy areas or variable drying times. This expansive range gives rise to inspiring possibilities that allow you to do very unusual things. Whatever your needs, our Golden range has you covered.