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Sennelier Green for Oil Liquid Medium

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  • Alter & improve the consistency of paint
  • Speed up the drying time of your oil colours
  • Create impressive glazes & a smooth gloss finish
  • Available in 2 sizes
  • Part of the "Green for Oil" range
  • Eco-friendly, non-toxic "bio-solvent"
  • Made using renewable raw materials
  • Less irritating than traditional additives
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More Information

This amazing new eco-friendly liquid medium from Sennelier works to improve the consistency of your oil colours, speeding up their drying time, produce vibrant glazes & a gloss finish to your artwork, all whilst actively helping to reduce environmental damage caused by more traditional mediums.

A part of their "Green for Oil" range, developed with a key focus on biomass, sanitary & environmental standards to produce safer, non-toxic, greener alternatives to traditional additives.

Through an impressive combination of raw, naturally occurring materials & careful science, "Bio-Solvents" provide the same quality & effectiveness we've all come to expect from their predecessors.