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Daler-Rowney System3 Screen Drawing Fluid (75ml)


  • Size: 75ml
  • Colour: Black
  • Create your very own stencils
  • To be applied directly to an empty screen
  • Simple, easy-to-use, water-soluble medium
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More Information

Part of the System3 Screen Printing range from Daler-Rowney, this low odour, water-soluble medium works in a similar fashion to Masking Fluid & allows you to paint your stencil design directly onto the mesh of your screen.

Applied using a brush, this Screen Blocking Fluid can be used neat or diluted with water for any finer details.
Paint your design straight onto the screen for your "positive image", then use the System3 Screen Block to fill out the remainder.
Once dry, just give the screen a wash, the Screen Block will remain whilst the water-soluble Screen Drawing Fluid will wash away cleanly.

Congratulations, you now have a custom stencil ready to be printed onto paper, board, card, fabric or anything else you can think of!

The sturdy glass bottle & secure twist cap work together to lock in moisture, keeping the Fluid fresh whilst the transparency ensures you're able to monitor the amount at all times... never run out in the middle of a project again!

System3 Acrylic Colours
Aimed at making acrylic painting more accessible, affordable & straightforward than ever before, the System3 range from Daler-Rowney is a complete suite of high-quality, intermixable materials including paints, inks, mediums, brushes, surfaces & more!

The staple of this range, recognised for their consistency, versatility & covering power are the iconic System3 Acrylic Colours.  These undeniably versatile paints are available in several variations including Soft, Medium & Heavy Body, along with the newer Fluid Acrylic Colours.

Made using a combination of high-quality, incredibly concentrated pigments with a smooth acrylic binder, the 54 available colours feature a range of lightfastness & opacities.  Effortlessly mix colours, tones & shades directly from the tube, or use a medium to achieve some amazing effects!

Suitable for a number of surfaces including canvas, paper, wood, glass, plastic & textiles & drying quickly to a water-resistant, semi-gloss (satin) finish, they can be applied  both indoors & outdoors.