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Winsor & Newton Distilled Turpentine

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  • Suitable for use with Oil Colours
  • Diluent suitable for thinning colours
  • Produces a "leaner" paint mixture
  • Highly refined professional-grade solvent
  • Can also be used to efficiently clean brushes
  • Able to remove varnishes (aside from Dammar Varnish)
  • Most efficient solvent, able to remove dried oils, alkyds & acrylic colours

Please note, Winsor & Newton are in the process of updating labelling, as such, packaging may differ from shown.

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More Information

Winsor & Newton Oil Colour Solvents is a collection of solvents designed for artists working with oil colour, such as Winsor & Newton’s Artist’s Oil and Winton Oil colour ranges. A highly refined essential oil, Winsor & Newton Artists’ Turpentine is suitable for thinning oil colours and cleaning brushes.

What is a Solvent?

Any substance which dissolves a solid or chemically different liquid, such as paint, may be classed as a solvent. Used to thin colour and clean brushes, Winsor & Newton provide a range of solvents to meet artists’ requirements.

The Winsor & Newton Mediums Finder provides an easy, interactive method for the artists to choose the ideal solvent for their needs.

Why choose Winsor & Newton Turpentine?

Slightly quicker drying than white spirit, Winsor & Newton Turpentine is suitable for use as a dilutent, to thin oil colour and clean brushes. It should be noted that the bottle must be kept tightly closed, and away from light, to prevent oxidation.     

Who are Winsor & Newton?

In 1832, William Winsor and Henry Newton introduced the first moist water colours to the world. Today, Winsor and Newton remain the premier choice for artists, offering a wide variety of fine art supplies including: oil, water colour, acrylic and alkyd paints, pastels, artists' brushes, canvases, papers and portfolios. 

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