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Jacquard Cyanotype Kit

Photographic Solar Alchemy!

  • Kit with 2 chemicals*
  • Create beautiful negatives easily at home
  • Use the sun & shadows to develop prints
  • A fun group activity for any age!

Enough chemistry to create at least 65 paper or 50 fabric prints at 8x10"!

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Cyanotype is the “original” sun-printing process, one of the earliest photographic techniques.

Discovered in 1842 and distinctive for producing rich, Prussian blue monochromatic prints, Cyanotype was popular well into the 20th century as an inexpensive method for reproducing photographs, documents, maps and plans (hence the enduring architectural term “blueprint”) and famously, for making impressions of biological specimens in the field (“photograms”).

Use the sun to make detailed prints from virtually any object that casts a shadow: tools, toys, plants, leaves, stones, sand, string, lace, etc.

Simply place the object on the sensitized surface and expose to UV light.
Use a digitally-printed photographic negative (an inverted black and white photo inkjet-printed onto a transparency*) instead of an object to create full-resolution photographs on paper or fabric.

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  • 06/04/2022
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Set includes 2 x 0.8oz / 22.68g bottles:

  • Part A: Potassium Ferricyanide - A red iron salt used with Ferric Ammonium Citrate.

  • Part B: Ferric Ammonium Citrate - A light-sensitive iron salt used with Potassium Ferricyanide.

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