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Sennelier Extra-Fine Oil Stick Set (6 x 38ml)


  • Set of 6 popular colours
  • Made from concentrated pure and fine pigments
  • Permanent protection against yellowing guaranteed
  • Colours dry in 2-4 days

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More Information

Sennelier Extra-Fine Oil Sticks are high quality oil sticks that can be used alone or in conjunction with oil paints. They contain a high concentration of the finest pure pigments. The colours included in this oil stick set are as follows: Ivory Black, Titanium White, Viridian Green, Primary Red, Primary Blue and Primary Yellow.

These Sennelier Extra-Fine Oil Sticks contain selected vegetable oils to guarantee permanent protection against yellowing. Like regular oils, oil sticks can be diluted with turpentine. They dry to a hard film. A special mineral wax gives the sticks a creamy consistency, which ensures the adhesion of the colour on all commercial oil painting surfaces.

These creamy, very lightfast oil sticks can be used for sketching, or for producing complete works of art on any traditional oil painting surface. With Sennelier Artists' Oil Sticks, nothing needs to come between the artist's hand and the canvas.

Varnish can be applied to your work after 6 months, as with conventional oil paints. Before using these Sennelier Extra-Fine Oil Sticks remove the fine protective film on the stick. This film will re-form in a few days if the stick is not used. Colours dry in 2-4 days depending on the thickness of the paint layer and the ambient temperature.