Sale Absorbent Ground (237ml)

Golden Absorbent Ground (237ml)

  • Acrylic painting medium
  • Creates a porous, paper-like surface
  • High level of absorbency when dry
  • Creates wash and staining effects
  • Made in the USA

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Golden Absorbent Ground can be used to create a porous, paper-like surface on many different substrates. It is uniquely formulated for a high level of absorbency when dry. Applied over gessoed canvas, Absorbent Ground allows for wash and staining effects on a stable acrylic film as an alternative to staining raw canvas. Watercolours may also be used, although they will retain their water sensitivity.

Absorbent Ground, designed for stain and watercolour-type applications, is light stable, permanent and flexible. While it has a gesso-like consistency, it is not intended as a gesso alternative. It must be applied over a porous and "toothy" surface, such as Golden Gesso, to ensure adequate adhesion due to the type and level of solids in the product.

Once properly sealed, it is a permanent acrylic film that does not need to be kept under glass. However, the surface is quite delicate and additional protection is recommended. A properly applied isolation coat and Golden Varnishes (Polymer & MSA) will protect the artwork from environmental factors such as sunlight and dust.

Painting in an impasto style over Golden Absorbent Ground is not recommended, unless the surface is properly sealed. Apply onto gessoed canvas, hardboard, wood or other surfaces. It can be applied with a brush, roller or squeegee. No thinning is necessary, although for increased levelling or ease of application, up to 25% water may be added.

About Golden Mediums

Golden offer the widest range of mediums for acrylic painting. Their range includes gels, additives and effect pastes, which allows you to choose whatever qualities you desire for your acrylic painting: luminous glazes, gritty opaque structures, string effects, glassy areas or variable drying times. This expansive range gives rise to inspiring possibilities that allow you to do very unusual things. Whatever your needs, our Golden range has you covered.

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