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Cowling & Wilcox Rathbone Table Easel


  • Made from high quality beechwood
  • Create a simple workspace anywhere you go
  • Quick and easy to assemble
  • Holds canvases up to 30cm
  • Dimensions: 15.5 x 16 x 41cm
  • Similar to the Winsor & Newton Brent Easel

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More Information

About Cowling & Wilcox Easels

Cowling & Wilcox Ltd. began selling art supplies in London in 1960 and has been going strong ever since, offering high-quality art products and materials for nearly 60 years. To this day, we maintain our original concept of providing specialist fine and graphic art materials at exceptional prices, and we’re devoted to upholding this mission statement as we expand and evolve into the future.

With our incredible range of artist easels we’re offering you a wide selection to choose from, for use at home in your studio or for on the go. All of our easels are named after streets in and around London’s Soho.

We stock a variety of easels to ensure the artist’s every requirement is met.

Field or Portable Easels are designed to be taken outdoors, and are the perfect choice for travelling artists or those wanting to plein air paint. This type of easel is also preferable for artists who prefer a level of mobility around their studio. Folding to a lightweight, compact size, portable easels require little storage space.

Available in H-Frame, A-Frame and Single Mast designs, Studio Easels are ideal for the artist who has a dedicated studio space, where an easel can remain standing indefinitely.

H-Frame easels have a strong base that makes them sturdier than A-Frame easels, and better able to handle large canvases.

A-Frame or Lyre easels have two legs at the front and one at the rear, which pushes forward allowing the easel to be flattened and easily stored.

Single Mast easels are simple and affordable, a great choice for beginning artists, art students, or anyone with limited storage space.

Portable and easy to store, Table Easels are small enough to place on a table top, and perfect for artists who prefer to sit while working, or whose work is on a more modest scale.

Reviews (14)

Good product.
These products are perfect for our face to face events that we host, they are durable and easy to assemble. Thirsty Painter highly recommends them.
Very good well made excellent product
Fine for the purpose and good value for money
Just what I needed to 'hold' my work. Nice and form, good material.
Haven't used yet but seem good quality.
I havent used this yet, but it seems good enough for my purposes
Design functional and pleasing
The easels are good value for money, but the screws that are designed to give them more stability are too big and damage the inserts when screwed in. Perhaps smaller screws or I shall just glue mine together.
So far all good. Seems sturdy enough, and if you do not use the screws to screw the stand to the "legs", you are able to essentially flat pack this whenever it is not in use. Nice material and looks great. Also, as I like to hold small canvases in my hand and turn them while working on them, my arm tends to get tired. But, when I put the canvas onto this, I can hold the canvas easily at the desired angle and rest one of the feet (or any other part) on a steady surface and as the easel is not weighty, it won't cause my hand to tire unnecessarily. Works great for my painting "technique". ;)
Just setting up an art group at our church. These Rathbone Table Easels are just great for us all. Well made, stable and a great price. Thank you.
Great for display, which is why I ordered them and very professional looking.