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List of products by brand Maped

Maped is a family-owned French company which has spent 68 years basing its development on its industrial expertise, culture of innovation and ability to react in order to offer its customers effective, profitable solutions. 

Maped was founded in 1947 in Annecy, with its first products being brass compasses. In 1992 it proceeded to take over Mallatt, a company specializing in the manufacture of erasers, thus diversifying its range. After setting up a subsidiary in China in 1993, Maped began to diversify even more, and spread worldwide over the following years. In 2003 it aired its first TV commercial in France and in 2006 it took over the German office stationery supplier Halit and JFP Graphos of France. Maped produces a wide range of products, mainly writing instruments such as fountain pens, pens and markers.