Paint Markers

Paint Markers 

Whether you’re after individual paint markers or sets with a variety of colours, we stock everything you need. Extremely versatile, convenient and ideal for a variety of surfaces. Shop our range today!
  • Acrylic Paint Markers

    Liquitex Paint Markers are the finest water-based acrylic paint markers available. The colour range includes 50 highly pigmented vibrant shades, all permanent and lightfast. Each acrylic marker shade matches the colours in the Liquitex Soft Body, Heavy Body and Spray Paint ranges so you can effortlessly mix the use of traditional paint with the paint markers. Available for individual purchase in both fine and wide nib and suitable for use on a range of surfaces, including canvas, metal, glass, primed canvas and wood.

    Acrylic paint pens and markers are all the rage for painters, illustrators and hobbyists. Whether you require a fine tip acrylic paint pen for fine details, or a broad tip acrylic paint marker for covering larger areas, these tools allow you add interesting elements to your artistic creations.

  • Uni POSCA Paint Markers

    POSCA Paint Markers are made with water-based pigment ink that is lightfast and matte. The ink is permanent on an array of porous surfaces like wood, cardboard and textiles, but can be erased from smooth surfaces like porcelain, metal, plastic, glazed ceramics and glass. Available in 55 beautiful colours, either as individual markers or in sets. All POSCA Markers are available in a range of nib sizes so there is certain to be the right one for you, no matter your project. The Broad nibs are ideal for large-scale work like murals and walls, while the Ultra Fine nib is ideal for the minute details of card making. For an excellent range, why not try the Uni POSCA Tool Box Full Starter Kit? 

  • Pebeo 4Artist Markers

    The Pebeo 4Artist Marker is a revolutionary paint marker that is quick-drying and can be diluted to accomplish an array of glazes, shades and fading effects. Bringing the feel of using traditional oil paints together with the convenience of creating art with a marker. The Pebeo 4Artist Markers are so versatile that they can even be used over dried acrylics, oils, inks on smooth and non-porous surfaces, making them ideal for artists who like to mix their mediums. Available in a variety of sets

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Paint Markers are extremely versatile, and many types can be used on a variety of surfaces, such as glass, wood, metal, canvas and more. We stock a variety of Paint Markers from leading brands like POSCA and Liquitex for all your creating needs. Available as individual pens or as sets, our range of the best paint markers provides everything you need, whether you need fine tip, broad tip, skin tones or vibrant colours.