Release your inner creativity this Christmas! We have some of the best last minute DIY Christmas card ideas to give your greetings that extra special flair for the ones you love…

Handprint Turkey

This technique is simple but effective – creates a fun and festive turkey design in just a few simple steps! To create the turkey, simply paint the palm of your hand in whatever colour you like. We recommend painting your palm and thumb in a brown, and then yellow and orange for the fingers. Before the paint dries, press it onto the card. It is important to ensure that your hand is facing upwards so that your fingers are reaching towards the top of the card.

Once the paint has dried, it’s time to add detail to your turkey. Decorate the thumb of your print as the turkey’s head, then add eyes and feet. You can use googly eyes to make the design a little more fun!  And there you go; you have a festive turkey Christmas card!

Cupcake Case Fairies

If you have some spare paper cupcake cases in your cupboard (and you’re not using them to bake this Christmas) then put them to good use! Simply fold your cupcake cases into quarters so that they form a triangular shape. These can act as skirts or dresses for your Christmas fairies on the front of your card. Simply glue them onto the card and add details with a fine liner. If you are struggling to stick them down, consider doing so with a hot glue gun. Always be careful doing this because it can be dangerous, especially if children are helping.

Hama Bead Presents

If you have some Hama beads in your house you can use them to make a cute Christmas card. Simply arrange your Hama beads in your favourite Christmas design, then use some parchment paper and iron over to bind the beads together and secure them in place. Then, simply glue your design onto your card. We recommend arranging your Hama beads in the shape of Christmas gifts, as it looks great and is really easy to do.

Paint Your Own

If you are feeling super creative, paint your own card this Christmas! Simply get your card and lightly sketch out your design. We recommend using the Daler-Rowney System 3 Acrylic Starter Set, which includes an excellent range of colours to play with. Simply decorate your card with anything festive, using a black or white pen to write your seasonal greetings on the front.

Santa Hat Card

This idea is great for young ones. You can make adorable Santa hats out of cotton wool and red card. Firstly, fold your piece of card in half and sketch out the shape of a Santa hat onto the front. Then, cut out your shape with the card folded. Collect some cotton wool and glue this onto the bottom of the top of your hat using a glue gun or some PVA to keep it in place. It’s as simple as that!

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