There’s no better time than the start of a New Year to get your creative space in order by organising your art supplies. Your art studio is a space where you should feel inspired; it’s a place which should ignite your inner creativity. Clutter and mess have been proven to dampen those feelings, so it’s important to keep your space organised and ready for new projects. Whether your workspace is cluttered or you simply just don’t have enough room, we have some great art storage ideas that will transform your surroundings in no time at all. 

Drawer Dividers

If you have small supplies that are jumbled everywhere in your drawers, investing in a simple drawer divider is a great solution. Take your art storage to the next level by adding some cutlery organisers into your drawers, organising paint brushes, pens or pencils by colour and/or size. This will make your tools look neat and organised, and will save you time looking for them when you need them.

Washi Tape Rack

If you’re a keen bullet journaler, you’ll most likely be aware of how hard it can be to store all of your tools. Washi tape is great for sticking down photos in scrapbooks, and adds a creative touch to any DIY project. Keep your patterned washi tapes on display by investing in (or making) your very own thread rack, which conveniently doubles as a creative washi tape rack.

Paper Trays

Have you ever been stuck on how to store your paper and card? Take a look at this plastic tray organiser. Simply organise your paper and card by size and colour, and place them in plastic trays. Using this organisation technique will keep your papers wrinkle free and ready for use. 

Hanging Fabric

It can be easy to misplace scraps of fabric, and they can easily become crumpled and hidden within the depths of your art drawers. Try using multi-rung hangers for organising your scraps of fabric, making them much easier to find. Simply hang your fabric hangers in a spare wardrobe or hanging rail to keep them out of the way and free of risks for getting ruined.

Plant Pots For Brushes

Quite often, traditional pencil pots simply don’t suffice for storing all of your paint brushes. If you have an old plant pot this can act as the perfect storage solution for your art studio mess. Start by giving the old plant pot a thorough clean, and then fill the inside with clean stones or pebbles. Put your paint brushes inside, and voila! Your very own DIY paint brush pot.

Paint Cubby Holes

Keeping paints organised can be a struggle, and whilst it’s convenient to have your paints in the same place each time, that often isn’t the case. Replace standard shelving with these creative cubby holes, which are perfect for storing paint pots and tubes. Simply organise your paints by colour, organising one cubby for each shade. This technique is great for keeping everything in place, and will also look visually appealing when fastened to your wall.

All images sourced via Pinterest

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