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Featured Artist: Debra Stapley

Our latest Featured Artist is a wonderful UK-based creative mind named Debra Stapley.  Her beautiful pet & animal portraiture is astonishingly lifelike, achieved using pastels & pencils.
Read on to find out what makes them tick & some sneaky hints for the rest of us...

How long would you say you’ve been interested in art?

"I’ve always been a great lover of all things creative, whether it’s painting, pottery or ceramics. I love visiting art galleries around the country, especially those in Canterbury and Deal."

Aside from stocking an impressive collection of paints & modelling materials, we always like to take the time & encourage people to visit local art galleries (wherever they happen to be), even dedicating a previous blog post to this exact subject right here.

Would you describe yourself as an animal lover?

"I adore all animals, especially drawing people’s pets. I often get asked to draw memorial commissions and I love to see people’s reactions once they are finished.  I’m also a huge fan of wildlife too, my inspiration for drawing wildlife has come from travelling to numerous Asian countries and seeing so many beautiful animals in their natural surroundings."

It may not be an option accessible to all, but we deeply recommend travelling & experiencing as much of the world as possible, to broaden those creative horizons.  Of course, if this isn't available to yourself, there are numerous books such as Drawing: A Complete Guide or any of the Bob Ross books to help you along.

Is there anything in particular you would say inspires you?

"Natural light, beautiful landscapes and admiring other artists work. When I look at landscapes and animals I can often pick out colours that other people may not see. My dream is to venture into illustration and designing greetings cards."

Landscapes have proven time & time again that they will never go out of style, especially calm, snowy nature scenes that provide a fresh canvas of colours & textures to work with.  Field easels are ideal for working in the open, to truly experience the majesty of the scene.

Greetings cards are a creative staple, found at any half-decent craft fair across the country.  Available in packs of 50 cards & envelopes, the Anita Card Making range is a great way to provide personalised & more intimate expressions of love, loss & congratulations.

How would you describe your creative space?

"Organised, but I love trying any new brands or products. You can never have enough art materials."

We agree, with the endless creativity & innovation of the art world, how could you ever be done?!  If you would like to give it a shot however, be sure to keep an eye on our constantly updated New Arrivals section for the latest & greatest.  And should you fall short of storage space, we have a range of options including toolboxes, caddies & more!

What are your most essential tools?

"A mono eraser, slice tool and embossing tool, wouldn’t be without them!"

For those not in the know, Mono erasers are super-fine for accuracy & extend from a mechanical-pencil style casing for convenience (with refills available).

And what mediums have you not tried, but would love to experiment with?

"I haven’t tried acrylics or oils but would love to."

Painting isn't for everyone, of course, but if you've had limited experience & want to give it a shot, we have paints in a number of mediums, colours, sizes & options suitable for just about everyone!

Any hints or tips for our readers?

"Always buy lightfast pastels and pencils.  Definitely invest in some good quality paper that makes all the difference and definitely paint in good natural light."

And finally, where else can we find you?

Official Website



If you’d like to be one of our Featured Artists please email us some examples of your artwork, along with a little bit about yourself.

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