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Staedtler has a history dating back to 1662 but was officially founded in Germany in 1835 – making it one of the oldest manufacturers in the country. Originally creating pencils, the company diversified throughout the years and now offers a wide selection of drawing and art equipment that includes modelling clay, sharpeners and rubbers. They boast a varied range of marker pens that are great for achieving certain effects, such as line drawing, in the artwork. Here’s everything you need to know about Staedtler markers. 

Are Staedtler Markers Non Toxic?

Staedtler follows strict regulations which means that their ink must not contain any toxic ingredients and would be safe if, for example, a child were to put one of their pens in their mouth. Staedtler ink is also free from ingredients such as Xylene and Toluene. You can look out for the AP Seal of the Art and Creative Materials Institute, which certifies non-toxic products. 

What is the Triplus Range?

The triplus range of Staedtler markers have ergonomic, triangular-shaped barrels. This means they offer more comfort than traditional, cylindrical pens when using for a prolonged amount of time. They are available in a range of vibrant colours which allow you to really make your artwork stand out. 

Triplus fineliner box of 20 colours

What Does Dry Safe Mean?

We’ve all felt the frustration of realising that a cap hasn’t been properly placed on a pen and wondering whether it will still be usable. Staedtler Dry Safe is an ink technology which means pens can be left uncapped for days without the ink drying up, even though the ink dries quickly on writing surfaces!

Does Staedtler Ink Smudge?

The ink used in Staedtler permanent marker pens dries almost instantly, which means you do not have to worry about the ink smudging or smearing. This is particularly helpful when you are sketching and drawing multiple lines in close proximity to each other. 

Colourful hand drawn pattern

What Techniques are Staedtler Markers used for?

Staedtler markers are available in different tip sizes and can be used for sketching, creating volume, making gradients and creating specific textures. Fineliners are great for doing detailed work and you can use hatching (drawing parallel lines) to give the effect of a wood grain pattern, create veins on leaves and create volume. 

Staedtler fineliner pens can be used alongside other art media such as watercolour for line and wash. Firstly you will need to create your line drawing and wait for it to dry fully, you can then add light washes with watercolour. 

Line drawings with blue and green watercolour wash

Permanent marker pens give little room for error, so if you’re nervous about using them in your artwork, why not plan your drawing with pencil first? This will allow you to place lines that you can then go over and elaborate on. 

Ready to give Staedtler markers a go? View our range of Staedtler products and place your order.

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