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Discover The Next Generation of Bracelet Making With i-loom

You’ve got to weave it to believe it! The i-loom Infinity Starter Pack is an innovative friendship bracelet maker that works with your iPad and comes with a free app to help you create your own bracelet designs. You can also select from provided patterns with the app and share your creations with i-loom community friends (called “Loomies”!). The loom band craze is showing no signs of slowing down any time soon, and with i-loom it’s now easier than ever to learn how to create stunning and vibrant designs to impress your friends and family with. Use the extendable arms to create projects with up to 20 strings, and finish off your fashion pieces with a deluxe bracelet lock, included in the set.

Finish off your bracelets with these fantastic locks

Use the unique i-loom App to access the Pattern Creator, Bracelet Maker and Boutique features, which allow you to create and share designs ranging from the simple to the complex. The i-loom is designed to keep your iPad safe with its secure locking mechanism and is compatible with all 9.7″ iPad models from the third generation onwards (i.e. those released since 2012).

Choose from lots of fun patterns with the i-loom app

What’s included in the Infinity Starter Pack:

–  The i-loom device
–  Access to the i-loom Premium iOS App
–  Six spools of coloured string
–  Five i-patterns
–  Three i-loom basic locks
–  Two i-loom deluxe locks
–  18 numbered spool tags
–  Installation instructions

The Infinity Starter Pack contains everything you need to create a variety of projects, from basic weaves to more intricate and more complex knotting patterns. On this basis, we recommend the i-loom for use with children aged 8 and up. The i-loom Infinity Starter Pack is available now from Cowling & Wilcox in-store and online, while stocks last. View the kit in action here.

The i-loom Infinity Starter Pack is available now for only £29.99!

Getting started with the i-loom

Additional Kits

We also stock a variety of complimentary accessory kits for the i-loom. Each kit includes:

–  8 Colorful string spools
–  6 i-Patterns matching the kit theme
–  6 bracelet locks (4 basic & 2 deluxe locks)
–  Full instructions

Accessory kit lineup

The Ice Cream Party Kit will have you serving up sweet accessories in no time, with 6 themed bracelet i-Patterns including Ice Cream Cone, Waffle Stitch and Chevron Sprinkles. The Midnight Sky Kit includes out-of-this-world i-Patterns including Thunderbolt, Milky Way and Zigzag Swag. And last but not least, the Tropical Twist Kit includes 6 vibrant i-Patterns including Hawaiian Arrow, Square Island and Diamond Coral.

The i-loom Accessory Kits are available now for only £6.99!

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