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Liquitex Recycled Canvas: Old Materials, New Ideas

Examples of the new LQX Recycled Canvas ranges

Liquitex Recycled Canvas: Re-used Materials, Fresh Ideas

Partnering directly with Waste2Wear, these brand new, amazing products from Liquitex are truly one-of-a-kind.

Made with 100% recycled plastic bottles, fastened to FSC Certified wood & suitable for both acrylic and oil colours, these are the first products to carry the SUSTAIN stamp & the first to be developed under their sustainability program, "A Positive Mark".  Seeking to innovative in sustainability without compromising on quality & performance, ensuring you can create with confidence while reducing your impact on the environment.


Examples of LQX Recycled canvas edges, textures and uses

Key Features

Heavyweight & Triple-Primed

Made using 100% recycled plastic bottles, this professional-quality, heavyweight canvas cloth weighs 565gsm.
This is then triple-primed with an opaque, highly-pigmented titanium dioxide gesso primer for a crisp, white finish suitable for oil & acrylic colours.

Take Your Pick of 2 Depths!

Some techniques & styles work better with more on show, other times it's more about keeping things sleek... either way, it's entirely up to! 

Traditional 0.75" - Good for all types of work & easy to frame, this standard depth is perfect for your next piece.
Deep Edge 1.37" - Mounted onto an extra thick wooden frame, they're ideal for taking your work onto the sides, for pours & 3D work.

Framed, Stretched & Fastened with Consideration & Care

Before priming, each canvas is carefully stretched, folded & fastened to the rear of their wooden frame.
No side stapling, just clean, sharp angles.

The wooden frames found throughout the range are sourced from sustainable FSC Certified woodland with strict environmental, social & economic standards.


Image of a scientist with beakers

Tested, tested & tested again... plus one more test, for good measure...

Sustainability is paramount, but ultimately, what good is canvas if it doesn't work?!

Liquitex are renowned for their high standards & these are no different, having been tested rigorously under strict laboratory conditions by both scientists & professionals artists.

For instance, in order to determine whether these are archival-quality (which they are), they're subjected to an XE sun machine for 300hrs (equivalent to 100yrs under museum conditions), where no perceivable changes were noted, whether physical or visual.

Overall, after experimentation, the recycled canvas cloth was deemed "excellent".
Some notes from these tests includes the below:

  • No pinholes
  • Drying times remain unaffected
  • No visual through back of canvas
  • Great adherence for both mark making & layering
  • Varnishing, glazing, impasto textures & thin underpainted washes all perform as expected


Waste 2 Wear logo

The Award-Winning Standard in Recycling Post-Consumer Plastics since 2007

Of course, we would be remiss not to highlight the group Liquitex have partnered with on this new, sustainable venture; Waste2Wear.

Adopting plastic as a viable, eco-friendly & sustainable resource, they've spent the past 16yrs converting waste plastic into wearable textiles, innovating a dozen different fields across the world from fashion, workwear, sportswear, luggage & more!


The Blockchain

In simple terms, a blockchain is a system of recording information in a way that makes it essentially impossible to alter or hack, providing trustworthy & verifiable records for transparency.  It's for this very reason that Waste2Wear developed their own blockchain system, allowing anyone to identify & measure the environmental impact of any product (this later earned the prestigious 2021 World Sustainability Award).

Other benefits include:

  • Transparency of the supply-chain, verified with photos & unique contract numbers.
  • Source & journey of recycled materials, from waste to product.
  • Assurance that the supply-chain is certified by GRS


For more information on our range of recycled products, feel free to speak with our team via the links below.
Alternatively, click here for our socials and more!

Email: admin@cowlings.com
Telephone:  01303 290550

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