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Let's Think Schmincke

The Birth of Schmincke

Founded in 1881 in Düsseldorf by Hermann Schmincke & Josef Horadam, two chemists searching for traditional resin-oil colour formulas, which at the time, were thought to be lost forever.  Unfortunately, before the invention of tightly sealing tubes, resin-oil colours couldn't reliably be kept whilst painting outdoors & were therefore becoming increasingly rare to find.

That was, until Professor Cesare Mussini at The Academy of Fine Arts in Florence, passed away.  A painter in the tradition of the old masters, he was in possession of these very precious resin-oil colour formulas.  As these recipes proved invaluable, in honour of Cesare, they named their first ever product the Mussini Finest Resin-Oil Colours.

Proving to be an immediate success, this formula was shockingly unique as other manufacturers at the time were producing much simpler oil colours without the use of resins (as they were familiar with from before the invention of tubes).


Today however, we want to focus on several of their ranges such as the cost-effective COLLEGE paints & the professional HORADAM watercolours in order to demonstrate just how carefully crafted & versatile Schmincke art materials truly are...



Available in several mediums including oils, acrylics & even water-based linoprinting inks, the Schmincke COLLEGE range represents years of research & development into providing materials for price-conscious artists that don't want to sacrifice distinct Schmincke quality.


COLLEGE Acrylic Colours

With 36 vibrant, fully intermixable colours in total that dry quickly to a waterproof, satin finish, COLLEGE Acrylics provide a solid basic assortment in a variety of opacities, dependent on the individual pigmentation.

For instance, it's easy to learn how to mix different tones & shades using the three primary colours (yellow, magenta & cyan) and expand your colour palette almost limitlessly.

COLLEGE Linoprint Inks

Odourless & water-mixable, COLLEGE Linol Inks are an exceptional starting point for anyone looking into printing, whether that be on paper, wood, fabric or a variety of alternative surfaces.

Known for their reliability, whether they're applied directly from the tube or mixed together for a number of unique colours, they offer sharp, crisp printing results every time.

COLLEGE Oil Colours

Unifying all of the qualities expected of a student-quality range of oils including such as a smooth, "buttery" consistency, COLLEGE Oil Colours are not only incredibly satisfying to use but also provide excellent handling & brush/knife stroke retention.

The full range of 24 fully intermixable, quick-drying colours are separated into 18 opaque/semi-opaque & 6 transparent/semi-transparent options.


Schmincke Horadam Aquarelle header image (1000 x 400)


Made to Schmincke's legendary exacting standards, HORADAM AQUARELL is a premium-quality watercolour paint available in an extensive spectrum of 180 individual colours, each produced using only the finest-quality pigments & Gum Arabic binders.

Included amongst these are 92 single-pigment colours for particularly brilliant mixing results & 22 granulating colours that provide a range of additional special effects to your artwork.  In addition to traditional, well-tried colours, a number of new formulations have been introduced using Perylenes, Quinacridones & Transparent Iron Oxides.

Catering to all artists, HORADAM AQUARELL is available individually in both tubes & pans, along with a selection of sets.  Whatever your personal preference, the same colour recipe is used throughout, guaranteeing the same high performance every time.


Liquid Charcoal example image (1000 x 400)

Liquid Charcoal
Peach Stone · Cherry Pit · Grape Seed

Completely natural & vegan, Liquid Charcoal is the latest innovation from Schmincke that provides a clean, dust-free method of charcoal drawing, along with both painting & underpainting using charcoal tones.

An ideal choice when looking to cover broad surfaces as quickly as possible, each Liquid Charcoal is available in a larger 35ml tube.
Their gouache-like consistency allows them to be used straight from the tube or easily diluted using water for a variety of different shades, structures & layers.

Each of the several shades in the range is produced using naturally sourced pigments created by charring fruit seeds & then combining these with the same high-quality Gum Arabic binder found throughout their HORADAM AQUARELL range.

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