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Give Your Artwork A Boost With Acrylic Mediums

With so many painting mediums available it can sometimes be difficult to make a decision about choosing the right one for your needs. Over the next week we’ll be bring you some handy guides to take you through the most popular mediums for different media – acrylics, watercolours and oils.

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A medium is a substance that can be added to paint to change the way the colour appears and/or behaves. You can also use an acrylic medium to alter sheen, texture, transparency or drying time. Read on for our rundown of the most popular types of acrylic painting mediums. View Our Range of Painting Mediums


Acrylic Gloss Medium

Gloss mediums are transparent acrylic mediums used to enhance the luminosity and natural sheen of acrylics. They typically make paint thinner and more transparent. Great for glazes.


Acrylic Glazing Medium

You can use either an acrylic glazing medium or a gloss medium to make acrylic paints more transparent. Standard glaze mediums are better for subtler effects. Liquitex Airbrush Medium is a great example of an acrylic glazing medium and is simply fantastic for glazing:



Matte Acrylic Medium

Another one of the most popular types of acrylic mediums is a matte acrylic medium. Use a matte medium for a subtle, non-reflective finish. Mix Gloss and Matte mediums together to create your own ‘semi-gloss’.


Modelling Paste

Modelling paste is just like Gel Medium but thicker and harder. Modelling paste makes your painting three dimensional by building up a relief that can be manipulated once dry.


Gel Medium

This is a white, paste-like gel that thickens your paint – great for impasto techniques. Makes paint suitable for collage work.


Texture Gel

Texture gel is one of the more interesting types of acrylic mediums and allows you to imitate textures such as sand, ceramic and glass beads. Fun to experiment with and an easy way to really enhance your artwork. Liquitex Black Lava Gel allows you to create some stunning effects:


Retarding Acrylic Medium

A retarding acrylic medium slows down drying time of acrylic so it behaves more like oil paint. Retarding mediums also allow you to create smooth blending effects in your artwork.


Flow Improver

These transparent acrylic mediums thin acrylics for use with wash techniques & painting over large areas. However, this doesn’t compromise colour strength and leaves amazingly vibrant shades in your painting.

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