Zest-It Brush Cleaner

  • Environmentally friendly
  • A great alternative to white spirit and turpentine
  • Cleans brushes
  • Thins paint
  • Non-toxic
  • Citrus orange scent

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An environmentally friendly alternative to white spirit and turpentine, Zest-It Brush Cleaner is ideal for cleaning brushes and thinning paint. Non-flammable, non-toxic and biodegradable, Zest-It has a citrus orange smell, ensuring it is pleasant to use.

Why choose Zest-It Brush Cleaner?

An effective, powerful and efficient solvent, designed for use with Oil Paint, Zest-It can also be used with Oil Pastels, oil-based ink, Coloured Pencils and wax. Unlike turpentine and white spirit, which can dry out brushes by leeching the natural oils from bristles, Zest-It contains citrus oils to help maintain the integrity of brush hair and bristles, extending the life of brushes.

This video shows How To Use Zest-It.

Product Reviews
  • Number of Reviews : 8
  • Average Grade : 4.9 / 5

  • 23/08/2021
  • 4/5
smells nice...

  • 18/06/2021
  • 5/5
Enviromently friendly and versatile.

  • 27/08/2020
  • 5/5
New to oil painting and never used this product before but found it easy to use especially after watching the product video.and made paint easier to handle

  • 10/09/2018
  • 5/5
Excellent product which has a citrus smell.

  • 22/06/2018
  • 5/5
works a treat for blending pencils i was a bit dubious about the citrus fragrance but i must say its quite pleasant its a nice product

  • 10/11/2017
  • 5/5
Great stuff

  • 17/10/2017
  • 5/5

  • 20/09/2017
  • 5/5
Excellent for blending coloured pencils and a nice smell too.

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