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Da Vinci Series 5276 NOVA Synthetics Oil Brush Set (3pc)


  • Bristle: Synthetic
  • Shape: Assorted
  • Sizes:  3*
  • High-Quality brush set
  • Includes several varieties
  • Extra fine golden synthetic filaments
  • Long, ergonomically designed wooden handles
  • Reliable brushes for heavier mediums like oil or acrylic colour

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More Information

Featuring extra-fine synthetic fibres, this set includes examples of Series 1670, 1870 & 1875 from the NOVA Synthetics range, ideal for artists looking to work in a variety of heavier mediums such as oil & acrylic colours.

Featuring a variety of tips made using durable synthetic filaments, they retain their shape, even through rigorous use & their long, ergonomically designed lightweight handles feature a varnished layer with seamless rust-proof ferrules.

Series 1670: Round (no.1)
With rounded tips that end in a sharp point, these are perfect for fine details, bold strokes, controlled washes.

Series 1870: Flat (no.4)
With their flat, sharply edged tips, these are ideal broad strokes, straight edges & covering large areas quickly.

Series 1875: Filbert (no.4)
These oval-shaped tips have soft, curved sides, making them especially adept at producing natural objects such as flower petals or leaves.

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Hope Mum will like them!


Series 1670

  • No.1

Series 1870

  • No.4

Series 1875

  • No.4