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Blackwing Palomino Matte Pencil Box (12pc)


  • Pack of 12 Blackwing Matte pencils
  • An extra soft graphite core
  • Made using genuine incense-cedar, with a timeless matte finish
  • Featuring a unique ferrule, allowing the eraser to be extended & replaced
  • Stylish gift box doubles as pencil cup
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More Information

Ideal for anyone preferring a soft, dark line, the Blackwing Matte is the softest of the four core Blackwing models.
Each pencil features a timeless matte black finish, iconic square Blackwing ferrule and black eraser.

This set of 12 makes the perfect present for the artist in your life (or yourself, we don't judge!).
The included gift box doubles as a desktop pencil cup, making a wonderful addition to anyone's arsenal of materials.

About Blackwing Pencils

Originally introduced in the 1930s, Blackwing pencils very quickly gained a cult following amongst creatives, with notable examples including author John Steinbeck & cartoonist Chuck Jones (who proudly used them to create Bugs Bunny & other Looney Tunes characters).

Despite this, due to cost-cutting measures, these were discontinued in the 90s... however, this only lead the truly devoted to head online & spend upwards of $40 a pencil! 

Then in 2010, due to the obvious immense customer demand, they were brought back into circulation for the modern generation.
And now, here at Cowling & Wilcox, you can experience these legendary pencils for yourself & find out why people have been so desperate to get their hands on them!

So what makes them so unique anyway?!

Of course, the design is timeless but there are several features that separate these from other pencils!

To begin with, each pencil is made using genuine incense-cedar wood & finished with several layers of lacquer, making them ideal for use anywhere, including the studio, home & out in the field.

Encased in this reinforced wood is a premium Japanese graphite, carefully blended & crafted using clay for strength & wax for a smooth, comfortable finish.

And finally, all Blackwing pencils feature an iconic, rectangular ferrule.
This allows for the eraser to be extended & ultimately replaced when necessary, ensuring the pencil is always functional, no matter how much it's used!

Replacement erasers are available in several colours, to make your Blackwing as unique as yourself!

Reviews (2)

Although some would view them as expensive they are great pencils - enable a good range of values so don't need to keep swapping between dark and lighter pencils - thanks to C&W for stocking them!