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Jacquard Pinata Alcohol Inks (15ml)

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  • 15ml bottles of dye-based alcohol ink
  • Available in 26 acid-free colours
  • Highly transparent & vibrant
  • Indelible & impervious to water
  • Suitable for almost any surface

Also available in sets, click here for more

More Information

Piñata Colors from Jacquard are highly saturated, acid-free alcohol inks.
Highly saturated & water resistant, these can be cleaned & reactivated using alcohol, allowing for unique effects & techniques not as easily achievable with standard water-based inks.

Designed with the discerning artist in mind, with unparalleled vibrancy, only the most lightfast dyes are chosen to be included for this particular colour palette.

Versatile, thanks to their excellent adhesive properties, allowing them to be used on a large variety of hard surfaces including (but not limited to) glass, metal, plastic, ceramic, stone, leather, resin, polymer clay & YUPO.

Reviews (2)

They are easy to use and a great variety if colours
These are my go to alcohol ink, the colours are stunning!


Colours included:

  • B05 Process Blue
  • B23 Phthalo Blue
  • B32 Pale Blue
  • B39 Prussian Blue
  • BG10 Cool Shadow
  • BG15 Aqua
  • BG93 Green Gray
  • BV04 Blue Berry
  • C1 Cool Gray No.1
  • C5 Cool Gray No.5
  • C7 Cool Gray No.7
  • E02 Fruit Pink
  • E04 Lipstick Natural
  • E08 Brown
  • E33 Sand
  • E35 Chamois
  • E47 Dark Brown
  • E51 Milky White
  • G02 Spectrum Green
  • G21 Lime Green
  • G99 Olive
  • R02 Flesh
  • R27 Cadmium Red
  • R59 Cardinal
  • RV21 Light Pink
  • RV23 Pure Pink
  • RV29 Crimson
  • RV42 Salmon Pink
  • V17 Amethyst
  • Y02 Canary Yellow
  • Y08 Acid Yellow
  • YG41 Pale Cobalt Green
  • YG67 Moss
  • YR00 Powder Pink
  • YR04 Chrome Orange
  • 0 Colorless Blender