Jacquard Pinata Alcohol Ink Claro Extender 30ml

  • Use when wet increase both gloss & transparency & extend drying time.
  • Use when dry to spread ink & create a marble/stone-like texture.
  • All of this, without affecting the colour!

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Claro Extender (30ml)
Mix with Piñata Alcohol Ink to keep it shiny or to make it more transparent.
Extend the drying/working time without altering the colour itself.
After the ink has dried, Claro Extender will cause the ink to spread, creating a marble/stone-like texture.

Piñata Colours
Manufactured by Jacquard, these are are highly saturated, vibrant acid-free alcohol inks.
Only the most lightfast dyes are chosen for inclusion in this particular colour palette, with the discerning artist in mind.

Water resistant, these can be cleaned & reactivated using either these specialised mediums or alcohol.
This allows for unique effects & techniques not as easily achievable with standard water-based inks.

Thanks to their excellent adhesive properties, these inks are amazingly versatile, allowing them to be used on a large variety of hard surfaces including (but not limited to) glass, metal, plastic, ceramic, stone, leather, resin, polymer clay & YUPO.

These are available in both single 15ml bottles & 2 sets of mixed colours!

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