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Uni POSCA Paint Marker PC-17K

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  • Nib: PC-15K
  • Nib Size: 15mm
  • Nib Shape: XXL Rectangular
  • Colours Available: 10
  • Sold Individually
  • High-quality, water-based paint markers
  • Lightfast, matt, opaque & water-resistant
  • Stable pigments with strong UV resistance
  • Permanent on porous surfaces (wood, textiles etc.)
  • Erasable on non-porous surfaces (glass, plastic etc.)

More Information

The flat rectangular XXL tip of the POSCA PC-17K produces 15mm lines, with the bevelled edge of the tip allowing for stroke edges to be perfectly controlled for clean, sharp marks every time.

The best friend of artists & professionals with the increased paint capacity tailored to cover areas in one go & produce bold, exciting largescale work with ease, whether that be indoors or outdoors.  Work comfortably on large canvases, murals & displays, along with customising clothing, equipment, home decorations, window displays & more!

Unlike traditional marker pens, the tip of the PC-17K can be removed & washed at any time, should it ever dry out or become stained.


With a total of 66 colours, 8 line widths & 5 nib shapes, POSCA markers make it easier than ever to produce bold, beautiful work on almost any surface including fabric, glass, metal, paper, card, wood & stone!

Acid-free & richly pigmented, their uniquely opaque water-based paint is fully intermixable (when wet) & dries quickly for a matt water-resistant finish that can be varnished, layered and more. 

Each marker also features a small internal ball in their barrel that works to effectively mix the paint itself (similar to a spray paint can) & the hardwearing tips are made using wear-resistant acrylic or plastic.

In fact, a number of these tips are also washable & replaceable (PC-1MC, PC-3M, PC-5M, PC-7M, PC-8K & PC-17K) or even reversible (PC-3M & PC-5M) for a longer lasting marker.

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It’s red
A very opaque black which flows well.