Sale YONO Marker Set of 6 Primary Tones (Fine Bullet Nibs)

Marabu YONO Marker Set of 6 Primary Tones (Fine Bullet Nibs)

  • Set of 6 primary colours
  • Line width: 0.5 - 1.5mm
  • Water-based acrylic
  • All tips are interchangeable
  • Suitable for almost all surfaces, e.g. paper, metal, glass, porcelain, wood, textiles, canvas, etc
  • Brilliant shades dry matte and opaque
  • Non-fading and waterproof after drying
  • When wet, the colours can be watercoloured, mixed and blended

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Video: Introducing Marabu YONO Markers

YONO – You Only Need One! One marker – three tips! This marker can provide you with many options. The versatility and universality along with the reliability and endurance makes it a great choice no matter the project or style you wish to create.

Great for art or doodling, from line art to fine art the job does not determine the tool! Give the pen a good shake before use and pump it 2-3 times until the ink appears. On absorbent materials you leave a piece of art for eternity. On smooth, non-absorbent surfaces, your artwork can be wiped off with a damp cloth, ready for new things to be created.

The YONO opaque waterbased acrylic ink was designed to be used on my applications. The marker works on almost any surface including canvas, concrete, glass, ceramic, wood, metal, plastic, stone, fabric, leather and cardboard. The YONO is suitable for light and dark surfaces. The creative design possibilities are truly endless!

YONO is the marker of many styles and offers maximum variety. You do not need to change your pens like your clothes! Whether you want squares or spots, street art or avantgarde, boho chic or Bauhaus, business or casual these markers let you decide what your creativity looks like.

Marabu develops and manufactures high-quality inks and paints for graphic and industrial application.

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