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Winsor & Newton Drying Poppy Oil (75ml)


  • Suitable for use with Oil Colours
  • Slows the drying process
  • Adds transparency & gloss
  • High resistance to yellowing
  • Reduces viscosity for better flow
  • Favoured for pale colours, such as blues & greens

Please note, Winsor & Newton are in the process of updating labelling, as such, packaging may differ from shown.

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More Information

A fast-drying pale oil made from poppy seeds which is well suited for whites and pale colours. Winsor & Newton Drying Poppy Oil reduces consistency, increases gloss & transparency, and resists yellowing.

It is classed as a semi drying oil (linseed is a drying oil). Semi drying oils are paler than linseed but dry more slowly. Poppy oil is supplied as Drying Poppy Oil, which has added driers to it. This provides a pale medium for use with whites and blues but with a comparable drying rate to linseed to help avoid cracking.

It has the same product characteristics as Bleached Linseed Oil i.e. it is quick drying and its pale colour. It is also effective in increasing the gloss & transparency of oil colours and is non-yellowing.

Reviews (2)

As above
Love this as it keeps foreground work sharp. Shame there's not a bigger size