Robersons Rabbit Skin Glue (1Kg)

  • For use with oil paints
  • Used to prepare raw canvas for painting and priming
  • Offers a stable and even surface
  • Can be used as an adhesive

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Rabbit Skin Glue is used to prepare raw canvas for painting and priming, and was originally used as an ingredient in traditional gesso. It can also be used as an adhesive. It is refined protein found in the cartilage, ligaments, bone and skin of rabbits. The gelatine used in food is derived from the same source.

Rabbit Skin Glue plugs the pores in the surface of a canvas which would otherwise allow paint to seep into the material. To use, simply stand in warm water to liquify and apply the canvas size whilst still warm. Leave to dry. This provides a stable and even surface which displays colour more effectively and will allow the natural tone of your support to show through. This product is suitable for use with oil paint only.

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