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Conté à Paris Sanguine Medicis Pencil


  • 5mm wide lead
  • Can be sharpened to a point for detailed and lineal work
  • Add burnt umber tones to your drawing or sketch.
  • Pressure can be applied for more opaque shading
  • Ideal for light and accurate shading
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Video: Conté à Paris Sanguine Comparisons

The Conté Sanguine Medicis Pencil is a deep rust colour that produces dark brown tones making it ideal for realistic drawings and sketches. It is the darkest in the Sanguine range of pencils and has a little less red oxide than the others but is still transparent for unique effects.

The sharpened lead is great for accurate drawing and, if the work is lightly drawn, the pencil lets the texture of the paper appear. When pressure is applied, the half-worn lead opacity increases for darker shading. The pencil length is 176.5mm, the pencil diameter is 8.5mm and the lead diameter is 5mm.