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Staedtler Mars 502 Lead Pointer


  • Rotary sharpener for 2mm graphite leads
  • Two automatic settings for sharp or blunt leads
  • Built-in lead measurement device
  • Foam insert to clean dust from lead tip
  • Automatic sharpening stop
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More Information

As with all Staedtler products, the 502 Lead Pointer has been developed with a clear & precise purpose at the forefront of it's development process.

To provide consistency, quality & satisfaction every single time.

To achieve this, the top features two small holes.
These are used to set the protrusion of your lead, providing either a fine/sharp or soft/blunt finish, dependent on your preference.

The sharper point is best for drawing, sketching and technical work whilst the blunt point would be more beneficial for writing & general everyday use.

Pick your preference, hold the tub, place the clutch pencil into the larger hole & rotate the top.

Once the desired level of sharpening has been reached, the Lead Pointer will automatically stop.

Then all that's left to do is clean any excess dust from the lead itself, by simply using the attached foam insert (the small white hole in the lid).