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Jakar 24" Clear Acrylic Cutting Ruler


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  • Material: Acrylic
  • Colour: Clear
  • Length: 60cm
  • A high-quality technical ruler
  • Accurate & finely detailed
  • Made using clear, thick acrylic
  • Features a bevelled edge
  • Includes stainless steel edge for cutting
  • Marked in cm, mm & 5mm squares
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More Information

Accurate, resilient & versatile, this high-quality 60cm technical ruler from Jakar is ideal for students, hobbyists, designers, architects & professionals in a variety of fields.

Marked in centimetres & millimetres with additional 5mm squares emblazoned across the centre of the clear acrylic body for a variety of uses & measurements.

Featuring one bevelled edge, the opposite has a stainless steel strip providing protection from knives, scalpels & other cutting tools.

Reviews (4)

The steel edge is not on the ruler side but the flat thick non marked side. It also doesn't cover all the edge it's just a flat inset in the middle (very thin flush with the plastic), so if you held a scapel cutter at an angle by mistake you'd be cutting into plastic. I'm rather disappointed with it.
A good product but flimsier than I expected. With extra care the ruler still does the job I want it to do.
Fantastic ruler, form many applications and crafts. Very pleased with purchase.
Strong well made and does the job

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