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Frisk Magic Watercolour Sponge Eraser Pack (4pc)


  • Removes unwanted watercolour paint from your paper
  • Microscopic fibres
  • Lifts even days-old paint
  • Made from specialist foam
  • Can be snipped to any size that suits
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More Information

With the Frisk Magic Sponge Eraser you can completely remove unwanted watercolour paint from your paper with it's miracle paint grabbing property. Simply dampen the sponge and gently rub the desired area until the paint is removed.

When dampened the microscopic fibres develop a strong, eraser-like quality which lifts even days old paint, without damaging your paper surface. Made from specialist foam the block can be snipped to any size that suits - perfect for creating precise marks and effects.

The magic of the sponge will even remove opaque and extremely permanent paints. What’s more, there are no harmful chemicals that may affect your painting. The Frisk Magic Sponge Eraser is completely reusable - simply rinse the sponge clean, and it's ready to go again. Be sure to rinse the sponge thoroughly to avoid reapplying paint stored in the sponge to your paper.

Reviews (3)

This does actually remove watercolour paint, but I had to be gentle after the first attempt.
Does what it says on the tin!
Why haven't I seen these before, giving one to my sister who paints in watercolours, work like magic.