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ProMarkers are a popular product in any artist’s arsenal due to their versatility and unrivalled colour spectrum. Twin-tipped, with a fine nib at one end, and a chisel-shaped nib at the other, Winsor and Newton ProMarkers (formerly Letraset ProMarkers) come in a huge range of colours, making them an ideal choice for any illustration or craft project.

For the best value, buy the full ProMarker set of 148 colours at a discounted price; alternatively, you can buy individually or in combination sets of 6, 12, 56 and 92, some of which come with a blender for achieving the perfect shade. Some of our most popular sets include complementary colour sets such as Vibrant Tones, Skin Tones, Pastels, Manga Steampunk, and the 24 Student Designer Set. We stock one of the best ProMarker UK selections available, always at incredible prices. Start shopping for our range of Winsor & Newton ProMarker Sets and individual markers!

Want to learn more about ProMarkers? We’ve got some helpful content on our blog that you may find interesting. Learn about the New Promarker Design, Same Great Quality, and find out everything you need to know with our ProMarker & BrushMarker FAQs.

What is the difference between ProMarker pens and brushes?

Winsor & Newton sell both the ProMarker and the BrushMarker. Both are double-ended pens with two nibs: The ProMarker features a fine nib and a chisel-shaped nib while the BrushMarker has a brush nib at one end and a chisel nib at the other. The fine and brush nibs are very different and will create very different effects. The fine nib is great for fine details with a small but solid surface area, and the brush nib can create lines of different lengths as it has a very fluid texture. They use the same type of ink so can be used in conjunction with one another very easily. Both are available in a variety of colours, with 148 colours in the ProMarker range and 72 available in the BrushMarker range. 

How do I use ProMarker pens?

The two different nibs on the ProMarker pen allow for two very different lines. The chisel-shaped nip is great for broad and sweeping lines, with equally applied colour, whereas the finer nib is perfect for more precise detail. 

You will also find that layering the same colour will create a darker shade of the coloured ink you are working with, and it is also possible to create mixtures of colour by layering strokes from different coloured ProMarkers on top of one another. They are formulated precisely to avoid marker bleed, so they provide a clean and stress-free way alternative to paints and palettes. Blending is eased further with the use of the Blender pen, found in this ProMarker Black & Blender Set of 2 and many ProMarker multipacks. The Blender pen allows for more subtle fades between colours and also gives harder lines softer edges - simply apply this pen generously to wet ink from other pens for your desired effect.

Are ProMarkers alcohol-based?

The ink inside ProMarkers is alcohol-based. This is beneficial for many reasons. The first advantage you will notice is that Winsor & Newton ProMarkers produce vivid colours without leaving streaks. This sets them aside from normal markers and allows you to create professional-looking, vibrant drawings and illustrations. It also means that the use of these markers is not just limited to paper, so are a worthwhile addition to your art supplies.

What can I draw on with my ProMarkers?

Due to the alcohol-based and quick drying ink, it is possible to use ProMarkers on a range of surfaces. This includes not only paper but card, wood, plastic or even glass. The ink may bleed on some surfaces, so always make sure to test the pens before using them on your artwork. Also note that harsher surfaces may have adverse effects on the nibs of ProMarkers, like any pen, so drawing exclusively on rough wooden surfaces may shorten their life considerably.

For more ideas and information, visit our blog for everything you need to know about the Winsor & Newton ProMarkers

How do I store my ProMarker pens?

As they use alcohol-based ink, storing both ProMarkers and BrushMarkers correctly can make a huge difference to their quality. You can store these pens either horizontally or vertically, which is not possible with other water-based markers. Many artists choose to store their markers vertically, as the colour of the marker is easily visible on a dot at the end of each pen. 

Packs of ProMarkers often come in their own wallets, such as this Winsor & Newton ProMarker Student Designer Wallet of 24, which are a good idea to use. Any container which prevents air from getting in can ensure your ProMarkers have a long life and can also save them if pen lids are accidentally left loose.

It is important to ensure that the lids of both nibs are securely fixed, as if left for long periods without lids there is a risk of the ink drying up and the nib becoming unusable. Short periods without a lid shouldn’t cause too much damage, as long as the lid is applied and the nibs are allowed to recover before use.