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Discover the dynamic and vibrant ProMarker and BrushMarker from Winsor & Newton. Order online today and save with Cowling & Wilcox!
  • ProMarker Brush

    The ProMarker Brush range (formerly BrushMarker) is developed by Winsor & Newton to provide precision and versatility for artists and creatives. Available individually and as sets of 6 or 12, the Winsor & Newton ProMarker Brush offer flexibility with both brush and broad chisel nibs. We sell all 72 shades of the colour rich range, which uses translucent, alcohol-based ink for streak-free, high-quality illustration. You can even overlay different ProMarker Brush colours in order to produce even more hues. 

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ProMarkers are a popular product in any artist’s arsenal due to their versatility and unrivalled colour spectrum. Twin-tipped, with a fine nib at one end, and a chisel-shaped nib at the other, Winsor and Newton ProMarkers (formerly Letraset ProMarkers) come in a huge range of colours, making them an ideal choice for any illustration or cra...

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