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Acrylic Paint Markers

Liquitex Paint Markers offer the widest selection of acrylic paint marker colours. Available individually and in 50 different colours. Order online today! Read More

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Liquitex Paint Markers are the finest water-based acrylic paint markers available. The colour range includes 50 highly pigmented vibrant shades, all permanent, water-based and lightfast. Each acrylic marker shade matches the colours in the Liquitex Soft BodyHeavy Body and Spray Paint ranges so you can effortlessly mix the use of traditional paint with the paint markers. Liquitex Paint Markers are available for individual purchase in both fine and wide nib and suitable for use on a range of surfaces, including canvas, metal, glass, primed canvas and wood. Acrlyic paint markers are extremely diverse, allowing you to create a number of styles, effects and appearances when it comes to your art. 

Acrylic paint pens and markers are all the rage for painters, illustrators and hobbyists. Whether you require a fine tip acrylic paint pen for fine details, or a broad tip acrylic paint marker for covering larger areas, these tools allow you add interesting elements to your artistic creations. What else makes acrylic paint markers special? Well, acrylic paint markers are highly pigmented and offer full coverage, allowing your work to really pop with bold, deep colours.