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Blackwing: History & Impact

The $40 Pencil

The Blackwing 602 pencil was first introduced the world in the 1930s by the Eberhard Faber Pencil Company & very quickly became a staple in the collections of creatives & connoisseurs alike.  A staple amongst creatives in all fields, this pencil, with it's unique & instantly recognisable rectangular eraser soon became synonymous with quality.

Adopted by legendary Grammy, Emmy, Pulitzer & Academy Award winners.  Notable amongst these users are John Steinbeck, Looney Tunes creator Chuck Jones & Disney animator Shamus Culhane (who, reportedly, even asked to be buried with his Blackwing 602).

Despite this impressive history, along came 1998 & after several corporate acquisitions, the iconic Blackwing was unfortunately discontinued...

But not forgotten!
In fact, fans & enthusiasts began paying upwards of $40 for a single pencil.

The Revival

Introducing their Palomino range of pencils in 2007, artists & writers began comparing these to the fondly remembered 602 & soon demand began to grow for a return of the iconic pencil.  Tapping into over 100 years of family-run pencil industry experience, they were finally re-introduced to the public in 2010.

Over a decade later & Blackwing has grown from a single pencil to an entire culture, focused on finding peace, achieving balance & living mindfully in our fast paced ever-changing world.


The Blackwing Difference
often imitated, never bested!

Question: What does it take to make a truly exceptional pencil?
Answer: The finest materials from across the world in tandem with a strong, bold ergonomic design developed through generations of craftsmanship & over 100 years of experience.

Glide seamlessly across the surface with minimal resistance whilst making striking, bold marks effortlessly thanks to the superior-quality Japanese graphite leads.  Developed via mixtures of both clay (for strength) & wax (for smoothness), they're renowned for their consistency & versatility.

Protecting these precious leads is the body of the pencil, made using genuine Incense-Cedar Wood found in California & Oregon.  Shaped into a semi-hexagonal shape for additional grip, this is then coated with numerous layers of lacquer for a comfortable, structurally sound pencil you can rely on.


The Range
4 options, endless possibilities!

Having the right tool can be important, whether you're an artist, writer, musician... or even a plumber!
After a century of experience, Blackwing understand this better than most, with 4 variations that help to ensure a tailormade experience for each user.

Matte: Ideal for shading, gradients & portraiture with soft, dark lines.
Pearl: A perfectly balanced graphite makes these great for journalling or notations.
602: The original & bestseller, it's firm core excels at both writing & sketching with ease.
Natural: An extra firm graphite perfect for technical drawings, such as planning in architectural work.

These are exclusively available as sets of 12 in beautifully designed boxes that also double as an attractive, convenient pen pot that's sure to look amazing on anyone's desk or in their studio!

pssst, we won't tell them they're so cost-effective if you don't...


The Eraser
reliable, recognisable, replaceable

We've all been there, using a pencil that's still 70% intact... aside from the depressing nub of an "eraser" that we've worn to the bone.
Well... no more!

Since their introduction, Blackwing pencils have been renowned for the unique rectangular shape of their erasers.
And sure, the shape certainly helps with precision erasing, but there's an added benefit you may not have known... they're replaceable!

That's right, using the simple instructions below, you can extend the lifespan of your pencil exponentially in only a few seconds.

  • Slide the eraser & clip from the ferrule
  • Remove the clip from your old eraser
  • Attach it to a fresh new one
  • Slide it all back into the ferrule

And that's it!

Exclusively available in packs of 10 with a variety of 4 colours, why not make your pencil a bit more... you?


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