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Christmas Gift Guide: Gifts For Art Lovers

Photo by Suzy Hazelwood from Pexels

At Christmas time, we all want to get the perfect gift for someone. That becomes a more difficult task when you are trying to buy for an art lover. Lovers of fine things tend to have very particular taste when it comes to art and art supplies. You might be browsing pages of luxury gifts for artists and be completely clueless on what to buy. But we are here to help.

Gifts should be personal to the person you’re buying for. We can’t do your Christmas shopping for you – but we can provide some assistance! We have put together a guide to gifts for art lovers to give some inspiration for your Christmas shopping. 

Artist Markers

For students or lovers of cartoon or line drawings, a set of markers makes the perfect Christmas gift. With vibrant colours and almost no preparation, a set of markers such as this Winsor & Newton ProMarker Student Designer Wallet, markers can be the ideal gift to get those creative juices flowing. Markers are flexible and portable, so wherever inspiration strikes, they’ll be ready to go, and a lovely wallet or box set of markers makes a great gift.

Photo by Teo Zac on Unsplash

Paint By Numbers 

For meticulous admirers of art who adore the finer details, why not go for a paint-by-numbers set? With everything you need in one simple kit, art lovers can create masterpieces with no paint mixing required. This is an excellent gift for younger artists wanting to get started in the world of art. A paint by numbers kit, such as this Royal Langnickel set, is a great first step, with no mess and little set-up needed. 

Quality sketchpad

For artists that are always creating, it may be a good idea to provide them with the right surface. It could be that they love watercolours, or are more into pencil drawings, or even heavier mediums like acrylic or oil painting. Whatever their medium of choice, a quality paper pad will never be unwelcome. Lucky for you, we stock a wide range of paper, pads, boards, and notebooks to satisfy any artist. No matter the artist’s level and style, they will always need somewhere to let their creativity run wild, and this christmas you could be the one to give it to them. One of the best gifts for art lovers is the gift of a clean page.

Art Taster Kits

The new year is about trying new things. When it comes to art, there are a wealth of new mediums and artistic styles to try. For art lovers who love to create, why not opt for a taster kit for a new art style? This could be anything, from new paints, new brushes, or completely new art mediums. For painters, why not invest in the equipment for making sculptures? For meticulous illustrators, why not a more expressive medium to get them out of their comfort zone? Taster kits, such as this Essdee Linocut Taster Kit, could be a great way to introduce someone to a whole new world of creating art. If the art lover in your life is never afraid of new ventures, give the gift of creativity this year.

Jigsaw Puzzle

Over lockdown, many of us got hooked on completing jigsaw puzzles while we were confined to our homes. While some are simple, you can purchase jigsaw puzzles with some exquisite artwork and with a variety of shapes and sizes. If you know someone who has the patience, a jigsaw puzzle for Christmas can be a great gift. From unusual artwork, like this Phat Dog Houseplant Jungle Puzzle, to picturesque scenes, the options are endless. Browse our selection of jigsaw puzzles today.

Photo by Mor THIAM on Unsplash

Guess the Artist game

Some art lovers prefer to admire the great work of artists before them rather than create themselves. Fans of all art styles and painters will love ‘Guess the Artist Game’, designed by Craig and Karl. The vibrant and fantastic designs on each card will point players towards a particular famous artist, causing havoc and fun for all ages. Each round will also reveal fascinating facts about artists from fine art to pop art.

Our Christmas Gifts are a great place to start. We offer great prices on excellent quality art supplies and products, from art kits for those experimental artists to portable travel kits for inspiration that can strike at any time. Browse our range today for luxury gifts for artists. 

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