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Let's Go YUPO!

From synthetic bristles to artificial pigments & beyond, the ever-evolving modern world of art materials has steadily become more focused on the concept of sustainable resources.  A relatively recent addition to this constantly growing list is the revolutionary game-changer... YUPO paper. 

A completely synthetic paper, YUPO is acid-free, water-resistant & pH neutral with an incredibly smooth surface suitable for a whole host of mediums & applications.


a legitimate, trustworthy scientist at work

The Sciencey Bit 

As you could tell from the stock image above, there’s a little science involved in this bit.
Sure, it’ll be boring, but short (we promise)! 

Made using melted polypropylene (plastic, to you & me), which is then stretched to form a bright white, super-smooth sheet that can outperform traditional paper in several key aspects.  By recycling & repurposing this plastic, YUPO paper helps to conserve resources, preventing further environmental damage.


YUPO paper example

We made it through together, as a team.
Now onward, to the good bits!



Tear-resistant whilst remaining flexible, YUPO is an incredibly durable surface to work with, plus this robust nature means that you’re able to work & re-work your pieces until you’re satisfied.



Unlike more traditional papers, YUPO is 100% tree-free, with its plastic composition & super-smooth surface allowing for a variety of unique properties. 
One of these is the fact that it is 100% waterproof, meaning that not only does it not buckle with wet media, but it can be wiped clean using a cloth & some isopropyl alcohol (aka rubbing alcohol). 

That’s right, say goodbye to erroneous blobs of ink or wayward watercolours with a simple wipe!



“Sure, all of the above is fine & all... but how does that help me?”

Well, mysterious stranger, we’ll tell you.
But only because you asked so nicely.

Combining everything already mentioned, you have an ultra-smooth, bright white, waterproof, tear-resistant surface ideal for a whole host of applications.  Below are just two examples...


watercolour palette example


Due to its innate waterproof nature, watercolours aren’t absorbed in the traditional way but instead dry via evaporation, providing a chance to experiment in your work.

For instance, when painting with dark colours, you can use a tissue or cloth to dab these for some interesting transparency effects.
Alternatively, why not use something fine like a cotton bud to create highlights in your work?


jacquard pinata alcohol ink example

Alcohol Ink 

Alcohol inks like the Pinata range from Jacquard utilise resilient dyes for vibrant, fade-resistant & intense colours.

Their transparency works perfectly in tandem with the bright white surface of YUPO, further strengthening these bold tones, making them ideal for floral work or impressively vibrant abstract pieces. 

Traditionally, much like watercolours, these would be absorbed into the texture of any paper being used at the time.  Instead, with YUPO they sit comfortably on the surface & behave in a more fluid fashion for a variety of unique effects. 

This rewarding medium produces bright, expressive work attractive to artists with a looser approach to their work, but (with a little practice), these can be controlled for more detailed work.


Looking to try YUPO & experiment with some new approaches to the same ol’ materials? 
With 25 individually removable sheets of this revolutionary paper, our own A4 YUPO pad is an ideal starting point.

Just remember to apply a finishing coat of some kind, whether a fixative or varnish, to keep your work where it is!


If you have any more questions or want to leave us a comment, just use the details below!

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