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A Focus on Sustainability

As a species, we have always utilised elements of the natural world as both inspiration & resource.  From the time we were painting in caves, we invented stronger tools using bones, burned wood for charcoal & prepared animal skins for a myriad of uses, however, as time has passed, we've all become more acutely aware of our ecological impact.

Right now, in the 21st Century, there are more environmentally viable methods of fulfilling our creative drives than ever before (with even more being developed all the time!) from artist-quality canvas made using plastic bottles, paper produced from pulping old t-shirts & discarded coffee cups, all the way to pencils coated in a revolutionary water-based varnish.

We want to cast a spotlight on a number of pioneering products with a more broader focus on sustainability, carbon-neutral production & ethically sourced materials.  This is only a handful available on our site, so if you'd like to find more, click here!


LQX Recycled Canvas Header

Recycled Canvas

One of the latest innovations & a recent addition, we recently highlighted these in their own blog post, which can be found here.

Determined to innovate the art world without compromising on quality, Liquitex partnered with Waste2Wear to produce this revolutionary canvas cloth, which has been rigorously tested both under laboratory conditions & in blind tests with professional artists.

Available in both traditional (0.75") & deep edge (1.37") options, these canvases are the first to carry the new Liquitex SUSTAIN labelling & feature heavyweight cloth made from 100% recycled plastic bottles, which is then triple-primed & securely fastened to the rear of FSC-certified wooden frames.


Seawhite Pad Compilation

Cupcycling & Corn-Crush

Founded in Brighton & currently based in West Sussex, Seawhite are a family run business that have proudly worked alongside the UK educational market for over 50 years.  Their dedicated team works diligently to provide for the artists of today & inspire the creatives of tomorrow with high-quality, renewable materials.

Their various ranges feature a number of sustainable products, such as the below:

If you're a fan of Seawhite's All-Media Cartridge paper (as we are), their Cupcycling range is a worthy cousin that shares much of the same DNA.  Made using 80% recycled contents, including discarded take-away coffee cups (hence the name), this 140gsm paper has the body & tooth to work seamlessly in tandem with a broad variety of media & techniques, with outstanding tensile & tear strength.

Available in both gummed & spiral-bound options, with an impressive variety of sizes & orientations.

Utilising recycled corn cobs directly from the food industry, this FSC-certified, 100% Vegan product has been made using hydro-electrical, environmentally friendly processes (EKOenergy).  Not only does this amazing paper reduce pollution & waste, but each 140gsm sheet is acid, chlorine & GMO free.

Available in spiral-bound sketchbooks in either a Grey or Tan colouring.


Green for Oil

Green for Oil

These non-toxic, bio-solvents from Sennelier are ideal eco-friendly alternatives to more classically traditional mediums such as white spirits & turpentines.

Trading the more abrasive & damaging chemicals found in these materials for specified mixtures of fatty acids & plant esters, this range has been developed with the artist in mind.  Lessening discomfort during use, this helps to potential reactions or allergies without compromising on quality.

Several varieties & sizes are available, including a Thinner, Brush Cleaner & mediums, both Liquid & Gel.


Casaneo and Chuneo GIF

Da Vinci
Casaneo & Chuneo

Da Vinci employ around 200 intensively trained brushmakers that produce & globally ship over 6,000,000 handmade artist-quality brushes annually.

Respected amongst creatives for their quality & innovation, Da Vinci brushes are used in a variety of fields including (but not limited to) fine art, design, architecture, sign making, restoration, table-top gaming & even make up artistry.

Of course, synthetic bristles have been available for some years, however, the vegan-friendly Casaneo & Chuneo ranges from Da Vinci represent a brand new evolution of this concept.  Aside from providing a more eco-conscious alternative, they actively mimic the behaviour of their natural hair counterpart, making it even easier for a more "traditional" artist to transition to something more sustainable.

Suitable for thinner liquid mediums such as watercolour or ink, the Casaneo range features soft, highly absorbent bristles in almost 20 varieties.

In an incredible attention to detail, each individual bristle features a unique "wavy" structure that effectively simulates both the form & function of Squirrel hair, making these the ideal 100% vegan-friendly, synthetic alternative for traditional watercolourists looking to make a difference.

Available in several shapes of brush, the Chuneo range is for those of us that prefer to work in heavier mediums like oil or acrylic colours.

The synthetic bristles of the Chuneo range have been designed to showcase all of the benefits found in Chungking Hog bristles, with much less of an impact on the natural world.  Their uniquely textured fibres are strong, flexible & easy-to-clean, with a good spring that maintains the brush shape, even after rigorous use.


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