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15 Fun Easter Craft Ideas

Looking to get creative this Easter? We’ve created a list of our favourite Easter craft ideas for all the family to enjoy. We have something for everyone – from painting Easter eggs to creating paper plate Easter bunnies. Read on and discover our top picks for some easy Easter fun for all the family this year.

Pipe Cleaner Eggs

You don’t need many art supplies for this simple craft project – just 3-4 pipe cleaners, an egg and a hot glue gun. Ensure your egg is empty and clean, (or use a faux craft egg) and attach the end of a pipe cleaner to the middle of the top of the egg with a dot of hot glue.

Next, coil the pipe cleaner around the egg and add dots of hot glue. Cut off any extra pipe cleaner once finished, and secure with a final dot of glue.

Image via Pinterest

Glitter Eggs

Simple but effective, just cover the desired part of your egg in glue, and then dip it into a bowl of glitter! Love glitter? Check out these Sparkling Christmas Crafts ideas.

Image via Pinterest

Paper Plate Easter Bunny

Perfect for the younger members of the family, this craft requires paper plates, pom poms, googly eyes, pipe cleaners, glue and construction paper. (This activity bag has most of the supplies required!)

The face is simply the paper plate, cut out the ears with construction paper, using a different colour for the inside.

Twist 3 pipe cleaners together at the centre to create the whiskers, using the pom pom as the nose.

Finally, the eyes are just the googly eyes, and the mouth can be drawn on with a marker.

Image via Pinterest

Pom Pom Eggs

Simply dab pom poms into hot glue before applying, and create an exciting design of your choice. 

Image via Pinterest

Bunny Ears Headband

All you need for this craft is a headband and two pipe cleaners! Just fold two pipe cleaners in half to make the ears, and twist the ends around your headband! (You can hot glue them to the headband if preferred.) Decorate however you’d like!

Image via Pinterest

Painted Easter Eggs

A classic Easter craft and fun for all the family, paint your Easter eggs and get creative with designs!

Image via Pinterest

Easter Egg Cut Out Cards

Another simple craft perfect for sending to the rest of the family this Easter. Simply cut out an egg shape from construction paper (folded in half like a card), and then stick some artwork into the card to create a stunning patterned egg. Artwork could include children’s drawings or watercolour paintings.

Image via Pinterest

Egg Candleholders

If you’ve gone a bit overboard on the dyed eggs, just crack a few spares open and use the shells as tealight holders to create a stunning decoration for your home.

Image via Pinterest

Clay Easter Decorations

For the more experienced crafter, use modelling clay to create your Easter decorations – from chicks to bunnies, the possibilities are endless!

Image via Pinterest

Easter Egg Bath Bombs

A great craft for teens and adults, consider making your own Easter egg bath bombs this year! There are various tutorials online for guidance.

Image via Pinterest

Plastic Easter Egg Flowers

This quick craft only requires two supplies- a plastic Easter egg, and a pipe cleaner! Just thread the pipe cleaner through the two holes at the bottom of your Easter egg and twist the pipe cleaner to create your Easter egg flower.

Image via Pinterest

Pom Pom Bunny & Chick

Simply stick two pom poms together to create the body in this simple craft. Add googly eyes to the head, and use felt to create extra features, such as a beak or ears.

Image via Pinterest

Paper Mâché Easter Eggs

In this craft, cut up tissue paper into small squares and glue them to a paper mâché egg using a paintbrush to create your own vibrant eggs.

Image via Pinterest

Lollipop Stick Chicks

Easy to assemble, simply glue a few yellow painted lollipop sticks onto a yellow piece of card.

Create the beak, wings and feet with other pieces of orange and yellow card and stick on googly eyes to finish up this craft.

Image via Pinterest

Finger Painted Chicks

Perfect for younger children, simply use fingerpaints to create the main body of the chicks, and a pen to draw in any extra features. 

Image via Pinterest

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