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Pébéo Setacolor Cuir Leather Marker

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  • Nib: Extra-Fine
  • Colours: 10
  • sold individually
  • Specialised markers for leather
  • Extra-fine tip for detailed designs
  • Available in 10 vibrant, opaque colours
  • Suitable for customising both leather & imitation leather

More Information

Specially designed for use with both leather & imitation leather, these innovative, easy-to-use markers from Pebeo are ideal for beginners, students & professional designers alike.

Available in 10 vibrant, opaque colours, these markers feature an extra-fine pointed tip that produces a bold, consistent line perfect for writing, detailing and a number of intricate designs.

Before use, vigorously shake the marker (with the cap on!) before pressing the tip down to allow the paint to flow from the barrel.  Once you're done with your masterpiece, be sure to replace the cap securely & store the markers flat.

Rigorously tested, they're incredibly hardwearing against rubbing, scratching & folding (tested on over 100,000 folds), ensuring that your customisation stays pristine for as long as possible.

Setacolor Cuir Leather

A complete suite of materials developed for restoring, recolouring & redesigning both leather & imitation leather clothing, furniture or objects.

Available as a paint in 35 individual colours, these can be used in combination with their extra-fine markers for almost limitless creative possibilities.  Before starting any project, it's recommended to first use their Primer & Deglazer medium to suitably prepare any piece of leather or imitation leather.