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Pébéo Gedeo Concentrated Latex

  • Available in 250ml & 1 Litre sizes
  • Concentrated formula based on natural rubber
  • Mould simple and complicated shapes
  • Dries quickly
  • Finished mould can be used many times
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More Information

Pebeo Gedeo Latex has a concentrated formula based on natural rubber. It allows you to mould both simple and complicated shapes in small or large sizes and can also be used to make rubber masks.

The maximum temperature that a latex mould can withstand is 50°C. To thin the latex, you can add up to 5% of water, stirring slowly. This is an extremely versatile, professional-quality product that you can use to mould both simple and complex forms of any size. It dries quickly, and the finished mould can be used many times. We sell Pebeo Gedeo Latex in two sizes: 250ml and 1 litre.

Instructions for use

Apply the latex with a brush on the object to be moulded. Take care to protect your brushes by coating them with dishwashing liquid. Allow the first layer to dry 10 minutes. Apply a second coat. While still wet, place gauze to strengthen the mould and immediately apply a third layer on top.

Allow to dry 10 minutes and apply a fourth layer. Allow to dry 6 hours. To prevent the latex from sticking to itself, sprinkle the outside of mould with Demoulding Talc and unmould. Pour the reproductive material: plaster, crystal resin, reconstituted Gedeo. Unmould. Let dry and decorate.