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Uni POSCA Paint Markers: Extra Broad (PC-17K)

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  • Water-based pigment inks
  • Lightfast and water-resistant
  • Permanent on wood, textiles and cardboard
  • Erasable on smooth surfaces (e.g. glass)
  • Write on virtually any surface
  • Won't bleed through paper

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Video: Colour your world with POSCA Paint Markers

POSCA Paint Markers use water-based pigment ink that is lightfast and water-resistant, and are available with a range of nibs that offer the user a fantastic array of design choices. They are permanent on wood, textiles and cardboard, and are erasable on smooth surfaces such as glass, metal, plastic, glazed ceramic and porcelain. Use a fixative on smooth surfaces to make your designs permanent.

The rectangular XXL tip of the PC-17K is ideal for flat colours and backgrounds.


The PC-17K extra-wide tip is the expert in the POSCA range. With its XXL size, it is the best friend of artists and professionals producing large-scale works.


The PC-17K enables artists to paint perfect backgrounds on giant surfaces and make work in front of an audience; keen decorators to give makeovers to rooms, furniture, fabrics and large objects; professionals to decorate window displays and banners.


Backgrounds and flat colours can be filled in quickly and easily.

High visibility

The width of the line is ideal for displays to be seen from a distance.


Its rectangular tip, bevelled round the edges, enables stroke edges to be perfectly controlled.


Its capacity is tailored to the width of the tip to cover areas in one go.

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It’s red
A very opaque black which flows well.